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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting a new mortgage to purchase a property and the Seller already ordered the title insurance from another title company, can I still use Michigan Title?

Yes, if you are getting a new mortgage your lender will require title insurance. In Michigan, the Purchaser and Seller have a choice for all the services they require. The Seller generally chooses the company to issue the Owner's Policy. The Purchaser chooses the title company to issue the Mortgage Policy. You, as a Purchaser or Seller, have the right to choose your own title company with no additional cost to you.


How do I find out who owns a piece of property?

We can perform a basic title search, without title insurance, that will include not only the last owner of record, but any other liens and encumbrances found on title.


I need to add/remove someone from title, can you assist with that?

We can! Our underwriters require that we run a basic title search so that we are assured that the property is being deeded out from the correct owner and all parties are aware of any other unknown title concerns. Once that is complete, we can prepare your deed.


I would like to put title to my property into my Trust or Company name, can you prepare the deed?

Yes, after performing a basic title search we can prepare a Quit Claim Deed to transfer title to your property.


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