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Michigan Title Insurance Agency, Inc. can provide a wide variety of services to facilitate your residential or commercial real estate transaction.


• Title Searches

• Title Policies and Endorsements

• Recording Services

• Escrow Services

• Document Preparation

• Recorded Copy Requests

• 1031 Exchange Services

• Foreclosure Guarantee Commitments

• Deed Escrows

• Facilitate Land Contract Payoffs

• Courtesy/Witness Closings

When you obtain a mortgage, the property you purchase is pledged as security for the loan. To protect against risk, the lender requires assurance that the title to the property is clear, and this is done through a loan policy of title insurance. However, without an owner's policy of title insurance, the buyer is unprotected.

An owner's policy of title insurance is a contract that protects you, according to the contract terms, against loss or damage due to title defects. This contract is backed by the known assets and reserves of the title insurance underwriter and serves as a written guarantee that your underwriter will undertake, at its own expense, the defense of your title in all legal actions or proceedings alleging the title to be other than as insured.


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